Together, Information Builders & DMI combine the Technology and Services necessary to deliver the successful realization of business value fast, at scale and in an end-to-end way through our pre-built industry solution accelerators for Payments and IoT.

Our accelerators are designed to simplify and solve unique business problems through unifying and surfacing data across your different data sources to deliver actionable, data-driven insights that help reduce costs while enabling business growth through new revenue models and operational efficiencies.



End-to-End Asset Management & Data Analytics

An end-to-end IoT solution that allows real-time sensor data ingestion, aggregation, processing and analytical insights. Powered by a prebuilt IoT solution framework that utilizes data science and machine learning while promising enterprise grade security, the accelerator enables users to quickly and easily visualize and analyze the performance of their assets individually or together.

Predictive Maintenance


  • Reduced downtime.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Key Components

  • Diagnostics-as-a-service.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Proactive Maintenance Reporting.
  • Failure prediction/Remaining Useful Life.
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications.

Asset Tracking


  • Improved asset performance and utilization
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced risk

Key Components

  • Real-time tracking/monitoring of assets
  • Risk Analytics
  • Real-Time Geo-Fencing
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications


A Solution Accelerator for the Payments Industry

Transaction Insights was developed for the Payments value chain by Payments professionals. The Accelerator is designed to be customized for your specific needs and provides executives and operations managers with key payment information and high-performance analytics to drive information-based products and services.

Portfolio Insights

  • Monitor revenue and margin shifts at a macro and micro business level
  • Identify and rank the top three positive and negative growth influencers
  • Pinpoint areas of the business that are impacted the most and the drivers with the greatest influence on each area
  • Uncover hidden patterns and meaningful relationships at a micro level

Attrition Alert & Proactive Retention

  • Attrition modeling for identifying at-risk customers, price sensitivity, and factors driving attrition
  • Boosted decision trees and logistic regression techniques for each segment
  • Cross-sell opportunity identification
  • White space identification for each customer to drive relevance and stickiness
  • Cross-selling analytics, product propensity modeling and pricing scenario builder

Merchant-Centric Pricing Optimization

  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Customer segmentation using clustering techniques
  • Micro-level analysis to determine headroom for each customer
  • Re-Pricing Alerts
  • Upside modeling using regression and decision trees
  • Identification of customers priced below standard deviation
  • Individualized up-sell recommendations

Retailer Insights

  • Learn who your core customers are
  • Understand what they buy and why
  • Make the right offers, on the right channel, at the right time
  • Control targeting in real-time using customer analytics and geo-location
  • Get real-time campaign measurement and control to optimize your marketing mix

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