Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

As consumers gain increasingly convenient access to products, they are becoming more demanding than ever. The key driver of these heightened expectations? Mobile devices. Whether consumers are in your store, at home or sitting in a taxi, they have instant access to your brand and your products. For retailers and brands selling direct, this creates an opportunity for greater share of wallet, but also raises the threat of falling behind mobile-savvy competitors. View Expertise PDF

Mobility is driving innovation

Digitizing your brand means more than building a website or mobile app. It means taking a hard look at the way consumers are shopping, and then interpreting that information to help inform an omnichannel strategy for the future. Today, mobile devices can handle almost all consumer touchpoints, making it imperative to build a consistent brand experience across all channels. Digital rebranding creates an opportunity for innovation and differentiation unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The opportunity to engage

Acquiring and keeping retail and consumer goods customers becomes more complex by the day. Additional sales channels that require management are appearing constantly. What used to be known as word-of-mouth is now about leveraging social media. At DMI, we see these complexities as opportunities. For retail and consumer goods companies, we believe there is an opportunity to engage consumers like never before, and we can show you how. Whether it be mobile marketing, using social media to drive sales, or a more comprehensive solution based upon the DMI Mobile Engage platform, we can drive business results by attracting and retaining customers.

Enabling customers to interact on their own terms

This statement has never been more true. Mobile devices put the competition one click way, sometimes from the aisles of your store. Now more than ever, retailers need to gain a deep understanding of their customers’ buying behaviors and product interests—but it can’t stop there. Turning that data into actionable insights in order to present the right product, to the right customer, at the right time will be the key to building lifetime customer value. Companies that take a mobile-first approach will be wellpositioned to provide a consistent customer experience to meet the needs of today’s demanding digital consumer.

Mobility is changing the in-store experience

Mobile apps used for ecommerce transactions have been around for while, but there is a growing trend toward utilizing mobile devices in stores to provide a more relevant and interactive shopping experience for consumers. Whether a mobile POS, Mobile Kiosk, or Mobile Clienteling, all these touch points add the ability to provide a consultative interaction by moving the store associate into the aisle – where customers make purchasing decisions. Mobile devices can transform utilitarian experience using the systems of today into one that will lead to deeper customer relationships and loyalty for tomorrow.

Big data improves customer experiences and business results

Today, product, customer and transaction data can all live in different systems, which results in a disjointed shopping experience for consumers and a logistics nightmare for retailers. Moving forward, integrating key data types across channels will be essential for maintaining a unified view of customer and product awareness across sales channels. By gaining a complete picture of this data, KPIs such as conversion rate, average order size and saving the sale will all improve.

How to get started

  • Are you building your brand to be unified around digital selling?
  • Is your retail data fully integrated across sales channels?
  • Have you built integrated online and in-store apps for consumer and employee consistency?
  • Do you have a plan for rolling out mobile devices in-store and managing them over time?
  • Have you created a data analysis engine for continuous improvement?

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