DMI has over 15 years of experience leading efforts in transforming and innovating IT agencies.

With over 640 consultants, we leverage our proven VisionNEXT framework to align strategy across an immensely diverse agency with our unique convergence-based frameworks, mapping techniques, and digital platform design tools. VisionNEXT facilitates and guides better outcomes derived from client requirements, while DMI provides key enablement, empowerment and thought leadership capability as additional ingredients to agency success.

The transformation journey begins with the VisionNEXT Persuasion, Influence and Change (PIC) framework.

Together we identify the agency challenge, and depending on its complexity and number of participants, resolve in hours, not days. We guide identified stakeholders and key change agents through a structured workshop to solidify commitment to change and resolution; identify what capabilities, solutions and accelerators are available or should be considered; and how together innovative technology can be leveraged to satisfy the desired outcomes and experiences. We tailor the results into a robust delivery model and, most importantly, why they are uniquely positioned to do so as a result of the workshop. Our PIC framework starts with the agency’s needs and wants, core competencies, and values so that unlike free-form ideation sessions, we ensure a prioritized list of options, capability and direction that capitalize on your strengths and differentiate the overall value proposition.

The real value is achieving unity of purpose and a path to adoption that will reduce the friction of change and accelerate growth in diverse ways that may not have been considered prior to the workshop.

The workshop phase is comprised of these key elements:

  • Human-centric focus and approach
  • What are the possibilities and solutions?
  • How can they be delivered effectively?
  • Why they will uniquely position you?
  • Leveraging your core competencies
  • Guided by your values and goals
  • Capitalizing on your strengths
  • Differentiating you in the market
  • Prioritized list of opportunity delivered
The journey ends the VisionNEXT Adoption, Compliance and Empowerment (ACE) framework.

Our storytelling approach to articulating agency strategies for innovation, optimization, and transformation focused on the adoption of change, the compliance of change and enablement of change. Capitalizing on the workshop phase, together we transform the business cases and map deliverables from the workshop into a communicative and holistic strategy that will guide the entire enterprise to meet functional and operational compliance requirements, identify the correct skills and disciplines for execution, and achieve the desired experiences and outcomes critical to success. Together, we are able to inspire adoption through stakeholder and supporter alignment while mitigating detractor friction, enabling adaptation and empowerment from innovation. This results in leveraging existing investments and identifying key commoditized capabilities that will free up assets to focus on differentiated propositions.

The strategic development phase is comprised of the following key elements:

  • Stakeholder value positioning and provisioning
  • Influencer support and adaptation
  • Detractor mitigation and redemption
  • Process re-invention and validation
  • Security implications and solutions
  • Innovation sensing and adoption
  • Leverage asset viability and transformation
  • Commodity optimization and decomposition
  • Business platform design – tools and content
  • Strategic outcome mapping and analysis

DMI is able to deliver facilitation and education on VisionNEXT. Our goal is not to proprietarily keep our consultative approach within DMI but to educate and enable our public sector clients to use the frameworks internally over time.