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Defense Customers


DMI provides high quality information and professional services to support of the U.S. Army. We develop and implement full lifecycle support for strategic planning, governance, web development, information assurance, and network engineering.

We deliver the right combination of technology services, industry best practices, and subject matter expertise required to accomplish Army mission objectives.

Major Army Customers:

  • Army Contracting Command
  • Army National Guard
  • Army INSCOM
  • Army Information Technology Agency
  • Army Material Command
DISA Employees using DMI infrastructure services


DMI has over eight contracts with DISA performing infrastructure support, information systems security, mobile devise management, and IT support services. We provide highly experienced Engineers, Technicians, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Program Managers who develop and implement customer-specific solutions.

DMI offers tailored services and solutions specific to DISA’s individual requirements. Providing critical support to DISA and its stakeholders, DMI has established a reputation in meeting our customer’s needs on time and within budget.

Major DISA Customers:

  • DISA Global Information Grid Services Management Projects and Support (GSM P&S)
  • DISA Joint Staff Support Center
  • DISA Joint Spectrum Center
  • DISA DECC Ogden
Advanced U.S. Air Force fighter jet

Air Force

DMI provides a variety of professional and technical services to the U.S. Air Force. We employ highly qualified personnel with all levels of security clearances and certifications for complex programs. DMI’s IT support services offer the Air Force the skills, knowledge, and innovation needed to develop mission critical solutions.

Major Air Force Customers:

  • Air Force Academy
  • Joint Warfare Analysis Center
  • Air Force A&AS
U.S. Coast Guard helicopter

United States Coast Guard

As a leader in mobile devise management, big data, and application development, we are helping the USCG achieve cost savings and innovation through shared situational awareness, improved collaborative planning, and enhanced speed and agility.

Major USCG Customers:

  • Operations System Center
U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier


From Regional Navy Marine Corps Intranet services to Enterprise Information Management, DMI works with the Navy every step of the way to develop the right solution to achieve mission success.

As a global leader in IT and network support services, DMI has proven expertise in Naval video teleconferencing, regional telephone control, systems engineering, and telecommunication system design. This knowledge, combined with extensive experience serving the IT needs of other DOD agencies, makes us the ideal partner to help the Navy navigate IT transformation and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Major Navy Customers:

  • Naval Logistics Library
  • Command Navy Region Southeast
  • Office of Naval Research
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Other Defense Customers

Throughout the last ten years, the defense community has relied on DMI for technical solutions and services. We are a trusted partner in supporting the DoD with mobile innovations, big data solutions, and proven IT management. Our diverse solutions provide the agility, subject matter expertise, and experience needed to support evolving mission requirements.

Major Defense Customers:

  • Defense Manpower Data Center
  • Washington Headquarters Services
  • Defense Security Service
  • Defense Centers of Excellence

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