DMI has implemented more than 50+ projects across the public sector.

Working with a variety of public sector clients, DMI has over 1,220 data scientists, architects, analysts, and developers who bring extensive experience implementing a Data Warehousing and Reporting solution across tools like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Talend, Teradata, and other tools.

DMI evaluates technology trends to modernize solutions and transform the user experience to obtain faster and more granular insights from data, thereby delivering meaningful results.

By obtaining faster and granular insights from data, we deliver meaningful results. DMI analytics experts have decades of experience in gaining insights out of data and tying it to successful program outcomes. We evaluate and analyze existing legacy applications and databases, identifying the best solution to transform legacy applications into data-driven systems to obtain accurate and actionable insights. DMI follows an iterative methodology for data analysis, starting with the “Requirement Gathering” phase, which is crucial in ensuring that each requirement has been understood correctly. This phase is followed by the “Data Construct” phase, which is further divided into “Data Ingestion” and “Data Analysis.” Initially, in the “Data Ingestion” layer, structured, relevant sources will be identified and integrated.

Then other data types such as semi-structured and unstructured data from these sources will go through the processes of Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL); standardization; and validation. The next phase is comprised of curating and enhancing tasks such as data aggregation, reporting, dashboards, scorecards, and related activities using algorithms based on the request. Predictive models created using machine learning algorithms and BI reports, and dashboards are then deployed. In the “Maintenance” phase, Preventive, Perfective, Corrective, and Adaptive maintenance is applied to legacy BI systems on a scheduled basis. We have successfully employed this approach to transform several of our past clients from data aggregators into data science organizations.

DMI has developed a unique and feature-rich AI platform that includes capabilities like natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and automated reasoning.

The platform’s differentiation is in the areas of:

  • General intelligence vs. applied AI
  • Decisions vs. predictions
  • Automation vs. reporting

Our platform has specific, industry-tested AI models that accelerate implementation of a solution from years to months. DMI delivers AI models tuned to each customer’s unique business needs. DMI’s methodology offers a mix of expertise in AI solutions ranging from advisory services, design centers, agency scale implementations, to custom insights. Our ideation phase helps our customers assess the possibilities to drive business value.

DMI’s NLP platform is a future-ready solution with the ability to analyze unstructured data sources that takes into account customer and contextual information to provide insights from recorded calls. DMI’s video analytics solution uses AI and machine learning to gain 10x reduction in time utilizing videos vs. pictures to automate inspection processes.