Government Case Study: DTIC

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Consolidated Platform

Defense Technology Information Center (DTIC)

The Challenge

DTIC maintains several common data and document repositories with multiple guidelines, data formats and structures. Researchers, as DTIC customers, search for specific information in documents, and DTIC analysts need to understand data quality, query segmentation, and query trends. At the time, DTIC had limitations in its common view across repositories. Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) has been conducting market research into various NoSQL and Big Data solutions for over a year to address its requirements for quick data ingestion, shorter time to deliver solutions, scalability, machine readable data reuse, cloud enablement, mobile computing, and portability.

Our Insight

Considering the opportunity to reduce DTIC’s complex data environment and the need to understand the development and sustainment costs to transition from a traditional Oracle/SQL relational database environment to a NoSQL XML-based service offering, DTIC wanted to evaluate a DoD-approved and DoD-certified NoSQL platform to thoroughly flesh out the technical and functional requirements needed to infuse this technology into DTIC’s operating environment.
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DMI introduced an XML-based NoSQL technology to DTIC in FY13 as a part of its commitment to continuous process improvement (CPI) objectives of the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) Net-Centric Integrated Enterprise Information Technology (NIEITS) contract. DMI was tasked to evaluate a DoD-certified, NoSQL platform technology via a short eight-week pilot within DTIC’s operating environment.

Specifically, we provided consulting and pilot application development services in an Agile SCRUM environment with four two-week sprints to demonstrate capabilities in three Use Cases:

  • Quick data ingest and management of different content types and collections.
  • Research and Engineering (R&E)/Science and Technology (ST&E) data lifecycle visualization.
  • Web-based document upload and data ingest solution.
  • Integration of NoSQL Search with DTIC’s R&E Gateway Search and implementation of DTIC’s central validation (CV) business rules to control content dissemination.


Upon the completion of sprint one, DMI consolidated data across platforms and implemented advanced search and link analysis capabilities that were not yet available in full production application. We have completed phase one of the MarkLogic NoSQL database pilot. DMI performed an ingest of data in a two year pilot across four data sources. We are entering phase two of the project. This includes an eight week pilot to ingest data, refine search capabilities, create analytics, and understand interaction with current DTIC search, application and reporting tools.

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