What We Do


Marketing that Wins at the Nexus of Data, Creativity and Technology

Marketing campaigns require creativity to capture the imagination, messaging to reach an audience, data to measure results — and technology to pull it all together. That’s true whether you’re repurposing last year’s campaign or starting a new one from scratch. And so much is at stake: Your business could live or die on marketing’s ability to win customers and cash flow. DMI knows what you’re up against. Our marketing strategists can recommend the right mix of invention and technology to build a data-driven, results-oriented marketing campaign.


Technology Makes all the Difference in Today’s Marketing Campaigns

In a marketing campaign, the technology just has to work. Data and analytics must accurately reveal consumer sentiment. Websites and mobile apps have to be so engaging that shoppers can’t resist the urge to hang around and buy something. Deal-hunting should move seamlessly from app to website to brick-and-mortar store aisle. DMI’s unmatched breadth of technology savvy and creative energy helps you synthesize all these variables into a marketing campaign that delivers measurable results. When we build it, it works.


Bringing Intelligence to the Marketing Campaigns of the Future

Are you poised for the age of personalization? Analytics, automation, machine learning, edge computing — these are just some of the next-generation technologies that will help marketers target consumers with laser precision in the years ahead. The most innovative campaigns will leverage data on location, time, habits and previous purchases to send customers the offers most likely to close a sale. If you’re ready to take your marketing beyond the next level, DMI has the skills, knowledge and experience to make it happen.