Intelligent Digital Transformation.

Evolving our partners to become more relevant brands through strategic digital experiences.


The customer experience can be a growth driver for businesses, but many are at different stages of maturity. DMI is able to meet businesses where they are and guide them to where they need to be by infusing customer experience into every department and initiative.


DMI creates innovative digital experiences that connect brands directly to the users that they serve. Through inventive mobile apps, exciting conversational design, expert user experience and interfaces, and creative portal and web development, we help businesses meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.


DMI believes that in order to address any challenge effectively, you need a well-informed strategy. Every engagement begins with developing a deep understanding of the audience and what motivates them, as well as current business challenges and how they overlap with customer needs. With a team of innovative thinkers, we create compelling campaigns, where every word choice and design decision is carefully crafted to meet all project goals.


DMI is a global digital services company that focuses on intelligent digital transformation.

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we will meet you where you are and provide the business alignment, technical expertise, and partnership to take you where you need to go. From data-centric back-end innovations to user-centered front-end experiences, DMI designs and implements solutions that help our clients transition, transform and transcend digital disruption.

Since 2002, we’ve grown to 2,500+ employees in 10 countries. We have worked with over a hundred Fortune 1000 enterprises and all 15 US federal departments to challenge industry boundaries and create intelligent digital solutions that transform our world. Our six unique DMI Groups work both independently and collaboratively to deliver integrated solutions for our clients’ needs in AI & Analytics, Commerce, Experience, Managed Services, Transformation, and Government.

To us, intelligent digital transformation means transforming with purpose. It isn’t reactive, or linear. It is unique, experience-driven and dynamic. We help our clients find and implement their digital purpose by converging data, technology and humans to drive business outcomes and become the digital leaders of tomorrow.