Under Armour

Under Armour


Research • User Testing • Product Innovation


Brick and mortar stores around the world are struggling to stay relevant. How could Under Armour create a store experience as high-tech and experiential as the gear they create?


Under Armour’s mission is to make gear that makes Athletes better. If an Athlete could find the right gear that they could have confidence in, they would be eager to buy it.


After unearthing the customer insight and problem statements in our discovery phase, the Experience Group put our raid innovation process into action.

Over the course of just four weeks we developed a broad range of concepts and tested them with shoppers. Concepts included integrations with fitness apps to recommend gear based on your personal profile and activity, a personal AI product coach in the fitting room with smart-mirrors, and clienteling solutions to help associates perform like elite athletes when selling.


In a short amount of time we were able to provide innovative user-validated recommendations to Under Armour as they moved forward with plans for their flagship store.

Additional Work

  • The Right Message for the Right Audience

  • Enhancing the Customer Experience to Build Loyalty

  • Imagining the Store of the Future