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Enhancing The Customer Experience To Build Loyalty

Hyundai Capital America

Enhancing The Customer Experience To Build Loyalty

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Hyundai Capital America (HCA) provides financial services products to Hyundai, Kia and Genesis owners and dealers. Prior to partnering with us, these brands lacked a clear identity, had a disjointed customer experience and were spending more on servicing than their competitors. Something had to change.


The Experience Group discovered that many customers were unaware of HCA’s financial services brands, drawing no distinction between them and the automotive brands themselves. Importantly, those who were familiar with the brands were also more loyal to their automotive brands. The way forward was clear. By working with HCA to increase awareness and improve the customer experience, we could boost loyalty, grow the customer base and decrease costs.

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We didn’t just want to raise awareness of the HCA brands—we wanted to cultivate brand preference, too.
After defining a distinct personality and tone for each brand, we mapped out the entire customer journey and identified opportunities to engage customers and infuse more personality along the way.

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From onboarding to account self-service and a simplified billing portal to a streamlined lease-end process, we helped revamp the experience from start to finish.

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To balance out HCA’s primarily transactional communications, we created content to celebrate important vehicle milestones, surprise customers around holidays and provide useful tips and tools, like a mobile self-inspection app to estimate lease-end charges.

Our team also developed a vehicle migration strategy, including personalized upgrade offers, to keep customers in the HCA family.

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Since 2014, we have worked closely with the Hyundai Capital America family of brands to enhance the customer experience and increase brand awareness. Our work has driven improved customer satisfaction scores, reduced end-of-term call center volume and increased floor plan penetration among existing dealers. Together with HCA, we’ve created strong brands that customers value.
Up to 24% increase in brand loyalty (recapture) among key consumer segments
22% decrease in total customer servicing costs


increase in awareness of individual financial service brands among prospective customers

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