On April 17-21, DMI thought leaders presented at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.
HIMSS is perhaps the most influential health information technology event of the year. An estimated 40,000+ professionals from throughout the global health ecosystem will gather to network, learn, and discuss innovative health solutions for the industry’s greatest challenges.
In the following DMI-led sessions led by Jake Leffler, Timo Loescher, Pankil Patel and Saumya Sanjeev, attendees will hear how a strategic use of IT solutions can equip payer organizations to improve patient outcomes and close care gaps:
Session title: Improving Gaps in Care through Patient Engagement
  • Speaker: Jake Leffler
  • Session abstract: It’s no secret that trust in our healthcare system is trending downwards. Delayed routine services and noncompliance with treatment plans pose significant financial risks for payers. Effective engagement is a key component to activating patients and building loyalty, and the need has never been greater. This session explores how payers can bridge care gaps and drive retention by prioritizing targeted interventions together with an optimized omnichannel member experience.
Session title: The Slope of Intervention: Engagement Solutions to Close Care Gaps
  • Speaker: Timo Loescher, Pankil Patel, Saumya Sanjeev
  • Session abstract: Chronic conditions account for trillions of dollars in healthcare spending each year, much of which is preventable through better patient engagement. But how can organizations achieve this effectively and efficiently? Join our expert panel as we explore innovative solutions that align with our DMI framework “The Slope of Intervention” for closing gaps in care. We will discuss solutions that help intervene on emergent issues, drive adherence to care plans, and help prevent new condition development. We will also discuss often overlooked indirect solutions that help solve and offer fresh perspectives on improving patient outcomes.
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Event Details

Date: April 17-21, 2023