rapid situational awareness & enhancing safety

What if students, faculty and staff had the power to work together to keep their campus safe? EndZone is built to develop collective intel - leveraging the eyes & ears of the entire school community to ensure the highest level of school safety.


When there is a threat to school safety, having access to as much information as possible is simply a necessity. EndZone provides schools the ability to better evaluate and act upon emergency situations. EndZone is a real-time safety monitoring and communication app with custom features designed to empower educators and students to each play their part in school safety.

Instead of relying on a stationary alert button, EndZone takes advantage of mobile technology to make communicating emergency situations easier than ever. With smartphones, tablets, laptops and networked communications, the power to make a difference is already at our fingertips.


Mobile Hotline

Students and faculty can report safety concerns, an instance of bullying or a medical emergency with the push of a button. By including details, photos and/or a live stream video, EndZone provides school personnel and public safety officers pertinent information prior to arriving on the scene. An anonymous option is also available to ensure more incidents are reported regardless of how uncomfortable the situation may be.

Real-Time Location Sharing

Location sharing allows EndZone to track user locations in real-time. By providing insight around where emergency messages are coming from, emergency personnel can execute the most effective response. With geo-targeted/map-based broadcasts, administrators can send location-based directions on where to go for safety. Plus, with preset boundaries, the app can track students’ locations outside of school for after school practices, trips abroad, away games, and more.

Emergency Notifications

During an emergency on or around campus, students and faculty can immediately request help. With EndZone, administrators and safety personnel can send location-based notifications such as directions on where to head for shelter, what areas need to be avoided and the exact location of anyone seeking help.

Dynamic Virtual Perimeters

Administrators can create a geo-fence or virtual perimeter around areas they would like to manage such as school campuses, away-game stadiums, or field trip sites. Administrators can then better manage resources and target communications in real-time to people based on their location in relation to these geo-fences.

Social Intelligence

To locate potential security threats or safety concerns, EndZone develops real-time analytics and heat maps based upon keyword searches of social media posts within specific geographic areas.

Targeted Messaging

EndZone provides the ability to tailor and send messages to a select group of individuals based upon a wide variety of criteria. For example, administrators can send one message with specific instructions to students and faculty directly in the line of danger and a different message to students and faculty who are in a secure location.

Centralized View of School Security

By centralizing communication into one solution, schools have a universal dashboard to monitor all happenings on campus. EndZone easily integrates with other technology for a seamless security solution including tapping into existing campus security cameras for a complete view on school safety. With the ability to house safety checklists, emergency procedures and mobile rosters, administrators are armed with one universal safety tool in the palm of their hand.

The Student Voice

Students’ opinions & insights matter. We believe in involving students in the customization of each school’s end solution to create the ideal feature set for your school. By empowering students to have a voice and assist in the design phase, the EndZone application will be designed with the students in mind.



When an intruder has approached the campus, EndZone’s geo-fencing capabilities are deployed to demarcate danger areas and increase awareness. Instant text and video messaging are used to issue the warning and improve overall communication in the field while tracking every individual located on or around campus.

Medical Incident

A medical emergency can escalate at the speed of light. From allergic reactions to simple accidents to heart attacks, the difference between life and death lies within the reaction time. Quickly notify administrators and emergency personnel, with just the push of a button, on your mobile device.


Students and faculty travel from near and far to get to campus, and its important they arrive safely. Accessing live video feeds from networked dash cams, body cams, traffic cams, and more, EndZone allows safety officials and faculty to monitor incidents in the school parking lot or intersections surrounding the campus, as well as alert students and bus drivers of any delays in route to or from school.


We’ve all been educated on the importance of this act but it isn’t always easy. Whether you’re witnessing an act of bullying or see a hazardous situation, EndZone gives faculty and students the power to report incidents from the palm of their hand in real-time. EndZone provides an anonymous option to ensure more incidents are reported regardless of how uncomfortable the situation may be.


Regardless of where you are, students and faculty can immediately request help in an emergency. By utilizing the push notification feature, admins can easily issue warnings, send location-based safety instructions, and collect headcounts during and after the emergency.


In the event of a natural disaster or fire, EndZone will notify the school to deploy their specific emergency procedure and allocate resources based on location. For example, if the north end of campus has been affected by a fire or natural disaster, EndZone will notify responders on site and track the location of students and faculty with dynamic bread crumbs.


From guest speakers and volunteers to opposing teams and visiting parents, there’s many people coming and going all over campus every day. EndZone allows you to accurately track each attendee safely and in real-time. EndZone can alert individuals on campus of any pressing threats and educate them on any safety measures that need to take place.


Safety doesn’t stop at the school. With geo-fencing capabilities, administrators are able to create a preset boundary to ensure student and faculty safety and accountability during field trips, mission trips, study abroad programs, etc.