Serving Doctors, Saving Lives - A Technology Strategy

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How converging the digital and physical worlds helps healthcare providers recruit, retain and improve the wellbeing of their physicians.


At DMI, we specialize in delivering technology solutions that help medical providers address their hiring and retention challenges. This ebook outlines a technology strategy for converging the physical and digital worlds to improve the wellbeing of physicians. It has two parts:


  • Attraction and Recruitment: Combining strategy and technologies to identify potential candidates and onboard them quickly.


  • Retention and Wellbeing: Confronting key stressors in physicians’ working lives and using technologies to automate and streamline their work processes, freeing up more time to improve patient outcomes.


Digital-physical convergence means addressing real-world threats to physicians’ wellbeing and applying a digital strategy to reduce burnout and improve their lives.  In this ebook, we also  illustrate the key obstacles to physician wellbeing and outline promising technology solutions.


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