Do you know what the top trends in mobility are for 2016?

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You will after reading our 6th annual mobility trend forecast piece: Top Mobile Trends 2016. In order to discover the latest and greatest in the world of mobility for 2016, we had one-on-one discussions with our customers, partners, employees and industry analysts. We focus on things that will have a real impact on organizations in terms of revenue generation, customer satisfaction and mobile investments.


Read Top Mobile Trends 2016 to discover our top 10 predictions for mobility in 2016 and what each one means for you. You’ll learn:


  • Why accelerating innovation through partnerships is important
  • How omni-channel and mobile payments are making a breakthrough
  • Why you should put customer experience first
  • How to put data into action
  • And much more

Take a look at Top Mobile Trends 2016 now and we’ll provide you with practical recommendations and actions on what you can do to be a mobile leader in 2016.


Enjoy the paper!


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