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It is estimated that the annual expenditure of the federal government on approximately 1.5 million mobile devices and associated services is around $1.2 billon. Managed services offer economies of scales that reduce the cost of mobility management and ease some of the growing pressure on IT leaders and CIOs.

Download Mobilizing Federal Government: Discover the Managed Mobility Services Approach now and you’ll learn:

  • What the essential components are that make up the vast portfolio of managed mobility services (MMS)
  • The benefits that make it worthwhile for agencies to consider bringing an MMS provider on boards
  • Why it is so important that all federal employees are equipped with mobile devices and relevant apps as a way to enhance workforce productivity and collaboration
  • And much more

After reading Mobilizing Federal Government: Discover the Managed Mobility Services Approach you will be able to make an informed decision on the approach to be adapted for supporting and managing devices within the growing federal mobile environment. 

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