Helping retailers leverage in-store mobile

For the past several years, DMI has studied what customers want when it comes to mobile shopping experiences, and how (if at all) retailers are delivering on those experiences. The goal of our three-part study is to help retailers leverage the smartphones in their customers’ pockets. We began by evaluating retailers in the US and have now expanded our research to include European markets.


To better understand what shoppers want from in-store mobile, we surveyed 2,400 European smartphone owners. Then, we used that data to inform our Mobile Maturity Model, a propriety tool designed to assess brands’ mobile experiences. Using the model, we benchmarked 50+ retailers across Europe, evaluating their mobile offerings across the six areas shoppers consider most important.


Some European retailers are making strides in mobile, raising the bar for the entire industry. However, many brands are still falling short in the mobile space—and missing out on a huge opportunity. Our research shows that when retailers deliver the mobile experiences their customers want, they see increased loyalty and purchase frequency, as well as improved brand perception. These insights and more are in our full report, which you can download below.


Mobile Maturity Model

Benchmarking Tool

In order to evaluate brands’ mobile capabilities, we’ve created a proprietary benchmarking tool, our M3 Mobile Maturity Model. The tool evaluates the in-store mobile experience a retailer is currently delivering to its customers, assessing the quality and sophistication, comparing competitor offerings and identifying opportunities for growth.


Categories Measured

The Mobile Maturity Model measures how well retailers are delivering in the six areas shoppers say are most important to them.

Retail Customer Insights

How Shoppers Are Using Mobile

We conducted a large-scale survey to find out how shoppers are using mobile inside retail stores today, plus what mobile features they want to see from stores in the future.


A Promising New Audience

Our research uncovered a new audience that retailers should get to know. We’re calling them the . Representing more than 1 in 5 European shoppers, Mobile Reliants are actively engaging on mobile within retail, and they’re hungry for more. Find out exactly what makes this audience so exciting in our full report.


of all European respondents have used mobile in a retail store to help them shop
of all European respondents use mobile “every time they visit a retail store” or “regularly”
of all European respondents have at least one retail app on their smartphones to help them shop

Who’s Leading the Way?

Top-Scoring European Retailers

Of all the stores we benchmarked, these four are making the best use of mobile, but there’s plenty of room for improvement, even among top performers. Download the full report to find out which retailers we scored and who made the top 10.

  • Massimo Dutti
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Clas Ohlson (tie)
  • IKEA (tie)


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