Is the healthcare industry ready for a digital transformation?

Healthcare expenditures in the U.S. have been a major drain on the economy and are expected to continue with this upward trend unless care providers discover and leverage new technologies, which will not only streamline the rising costs, but also improve the patient experience. Considering the uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the history of the healthcare policy debate, developing, providing, and getting access to efficient and affordable healthcare continues to remain a challenge.

5 Trends That Are Set To Define The Healthcare Industry in 2018

Whether it is the rising costs or the ever-shifting regulatory environment, the healthcare industry, presently, is in a very uncertain place. In such a scenario, employing technology-driven approaches to optimize costs and enhance healthcare service delivery becomes all-important. In this ebook, we list the top five trends that have the capability to reshape the healthcare industry for a better and brighter future.


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