Do you know what the top digital trends are for 2016?

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You will after reading our latest trends forecast piece: Top 6 Federal Digital Trends for 2016. The report is based off our discussions with federal clients, observations, and research we have conducted. We’ve focused on things that will significantly improve operations and better serve employees and citizens.

Read Top 6 Federal Digital Trends for 2016 to discover our top 6 predictions for digital trends in 2016. You’ll learn:

  • Why proactive security management and monitoring is a critical need
  • Why moving from cloud hosting to cloud services management is important
  • Why agencies should engage with organizations that have prebuilt data driven frameworks
  • How IoT is going to impact mission goals
  • And much more

Take a look at Top 6 Federal Digital Trends for 2016 now and we’ll provide you with practical recommendations and actions on what you can do to be a leader in the federal space in 2016 and beyond.

Enjoy the paper!


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