Conversational Interfaces: The Next Phase Embracing the Shift to Natural Language Understanding

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Talking to machines can produce impressive results without tapping, swiping, scrolling or typing — until you overwhelm their language-processing capabilities.

That’s the state of conversational interfaces today: Excellence in a narrow range of tasks and frustration pretty much everywhere else. But all that’s changing as natural language processing gives way to natural language understanding. Natural language processing will leverage AI and machine learning to translate the intent of spoken sentences and written paragraphs. That paves the way for streamlining commerce, making travel safer and transforming service after the sale, to name a few of the potential applications.

Natural language processing can improve people’s lives in ways that cement customer loyalty for years to come

This ebook discusses why the shift to natural language understanding is so central to the emerging technology landscape. We provide you with use-case examples in commerce, cars and customer care, and outline the fundamentals of implementing advanced natural language understanding capabilities. You will also discover how DMI can help you in the process of moving beyond traditional conversational models.


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