Helping retailers leverage mobile use in store

Beginning in 2015, DMI launched a research initiative to help retailers understand what customers want out of mobile while in store, and to what extent retailers are delivering on those expectations. Our M3: Mobile Maturity Model consists of three parts.

First, we surveyed 2,500 US smartphone owners to find out what they want from an in-store mobile experience. Then, we used that data to inform our Mobile Maturity Model, a proprietary tool designed to assess brands’ mobile experiences. Finally, we used the model to benchmark 100+ retailers, evaluating their mobile offerings across the six areas shoppers consider most important.

Now in its second year, we are seeing trends emerge, and uncovering what retailers are doing to raise the bar and deliver on customer expectations, which continue to increase. Our research shows that when retailers deliver the mobile experiences their customers want, they can expect increased loyalty and purchase frequency, as well as improved brand perception. These insights and more are in our full report, which you can download below.


Who’s Leading the Way?


Top-Scoring Retailers


Of all the stores we benchmarked, these three are making the best use of mobile, but there’s plenty of room for improvement, even among top performers. Download the full report to find out which retailers we scored, who made the top 10, and how a few key retailers climbed their way up to the top 10 since just last year.

  • The Home Depot
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom


Retail Customer Insights

How Shoppers Are Using Mobile


We conducted a large-scale survey to learn how shoppers are using mobile inside retail stores today, plus what mobile features they want to see from stores in the future.


Mobile Shopping Trends


Our research revealed that mobile use is becoming more prevalent among all shoppers in the last year. The segment of shoppers we identified last year with the most advanced mobile adoption, called Mobile Reliants, are an expanding group, now accounting for 1 in 3 US shoppers. Find out what opportunities retailers have with this exciting audience in our full report.


of shoppers have used their smartphone in store to help them shop
of shoppers purchase via mobile frequently, considering it part of their regular purchasing behavior
of shoppers would shop at a retailer that offered an improved mobile in-store experience over competitors


Our Mobile Maturity Model

Benchmarking Tool


In order to evaluate brands’ mobile capabilities, we created a proprietary benchmarking tool: the M3 Mobile Maturity Model. The tool is designed to map the maturity level of retailers’ current mobile functionality against the experience and features customers desire.


The Customers’ Desired Experience


The Mobile Maturity Model measures how well retailers are delivering in the six areas shoppers say are most important to them.





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