8 Keys to Turbocharge the Effectiveness of Remote Workers

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DMI is helping companies in every sector of the economy meet the needs of a remote workforce.

Remote workers need a much broader toolset installed as soon as possible to be truly effective and in this ebook from DMI, we draw on the insights of our team of Accelerated Solutions experts, who specialize in streamlining and optimizing applications and platforms that can turbocharge the effectiveness of remote workers. Their recommendations:


  • Standardize collaboration tools
  • Procure software licenses
  • Automate repetitive processes
  • Implement virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Optimize applications and cloud tools
  • Leverage low- and no-code development
  • Measure Agile effectiveness
  • Establish governance


Read on for a concise guide to turbocharging the productivity of your remote workers while keeping their welfare front-and-center.  You will also discover the four competitive advantages of DMI’s Accelerated Solutions experts and how they implement remote-workforce technologies in a broad range of time frames to fit your specific business needs.


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