Adopting Agile concepts can improve almost any enterprise-level digital transformation project.

This perspective may surprise enterprise leaders who feel reluctant to adopt an Agile approach to digital transformation. Too often, experts give CIOs and other executives a narrow definition of Agile and tell them anything else isn’t truly Agile. Moreover, there’s a widespread misconception that Agile processes can’t be measured accurately.  In this ebook from DMI, we discuss how Agile sets the foundation for a solid transformation framework if you focus on three fundamentals:


  1. Flexibility: Adapting Agile concepts to match your unique circumstances
  2. Culture: Embracing the broader Agile culture of speed-to-value across the enterprise.
  3. Measurement: Developing KPIs that capture Agile’s speed-to-value advantage.

We also draw on our experience using Agile concepts in a broad range of corporate settings.


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