DMI Saves Christmas

The pandemic had Santa at his wit’s end— until a resourceful elf suggested DMI.
T’was the night before Christmas, and up at the Pole, Santa had everything under control. Despite a most challenging toy-building season, For which a pandemic was sadly the reason.
Yes, Santa was calm and showed no signs of stress, He knew that the elves had met every request And the toys would soon fill the nice children with glee, Even though they would all be delivered hands-free.
But flash back six months and the scene is quite drear, Christmas, it seemed, might not happen this year. Distancing protocols broke Santa’s heart, For the children would have to stay six feet apart.
The elves worked from home, but the spirit was lacking. Their laptops were closed. Zoom was too nerve-wracking.
“The season is ruined,” Santa said with a sigh. Then an elf named Carlotta said, “Call DMI!” “Their clients,” she added, “are a business’s Who’s Who, With art fairs and health care and insurance too! Even the Coast Guard. And each one’s agreed, That DMI’s know-how has helped them succeed!”
“They’re Digital Leaders that will help us save Christmas, Experts in tracking, and all kinds of business!”
“From wish lists and apps, to toy distribution, They’ll be our digital commerce solution!”
So the DMI team made it up to the Pole, And though they had never been quite so darn cold, Orders were placed through a smart little app, Since the kids could no longer sit on old Santa’s lap.
They said to dear Santa, “The first thing we’ll do, Is work to establish a Virtual you. Your analog wish lists are too inefficient But making work easy is where we’re proficient.”
“But what of the elves?” Santa asked with a groan “They’re so hard to manage when working from home.” So DMI told him, “We think you’ll be pleased We’ll manage your workplace devices with ease”
To ensure that the elves were not shirking their duty, Workplace Shield made operations a beauty. They monitored each separate mobile device With real-time reports on who’s naughty and nice.
An e-commerce platform helped children place orders, In so many countries, regardless of borders. With advanced analytics that helped Santa track, The presents he normally lugged in his sack.
To make sure no presents got lost in the mail, DMI software tracked each without fail. And on Christmas morning, the kids laughed with glee, As presents surrounded each beautiful tree.
A smile overtook Santa’s rosy old face, And the elves gave a happy but virtual embrace. “Christmas is saved, and our spirits are high! But we couldn’t have done it without dear DMI.”
The End.
Or is it just the beginning?

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