DMI Sustainability Policy

DMI Sustainability Policy

This policy encompasses Digital Management Holdings, LLC, Digital Management, LLC, and Digital Mobile Innovations, LLC and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, collectively referred to in this policy document as “DMI,” “we,” or “company.”

The purpose of the DMI Sustainability Policy is to address the following points:

  • economic, environmental, social, and governance performance;
  • the method by which we internalize and improve our organization’s commitment to sustainability, which can be demonstrated to both internal and external stakeholders; and
  • sustainability reporting to provide a balanced and reasonable representation of the sustainability performance of our organization – including both positive and negative contributions.

The Policy:

DMI remains steadfastly committed to its endeavor to lead by example in sustainability, and continues to reduce its environmental footprint. DMI focuses on finding the most sustainable way to drive innovation, conserve resources, and contribute to the goal of addressing climate change when we provide goods and services to our customers. DMI annually reports on corporate metrics, positive and negative contributions, as well as our progress towards improving our company’s economic, environmental, and social impacts.