Welcoming devgurus to the DMI Global Team

DMI is excited about the acquisition of devgurus. What’s been the response from your team?

We’re thrilled to support DMI’s Commerce Group in becoming being a predominate provider of commercetools solutions as a result of this acquisition. We look forward to helping DMI’s customers achieve brand value by creating more sophisticated shopping experiences across new channels including apps, video and social media. From a cultural perspective, the union of DMI and devgurus just makes sense. Both companies share a passion for cutting-edge technologies and superior customer service. It was our intention to join forces with an established global leader in digital transformation and we’ve certainly found that in DMI.

How would you describe devgurus?

Devgurus is a services company that empowers our customers across the globe with modern technologies that form the building blocks of the new digital commerce age. Founded in 2015, we help retailers and manufacturers meet their rapidly shifting ecommerce needs across all touchpoints, including mobile, online, IoT, kiosk and in-store to ultimately create uniform and user-friendly shopping experiences. Our developers are experts in design architecture and digital experiences in the cloud.

How has Covid-19 accelerated change within ecommerce?

As a result of the pandemic, many businesses are experiencing surges in their online sales, thus expediting the already existing widespread disruption within the ecommerce industry. According to a study from Digital Commerce 360, only 36% of retailers are taking a “wait-and-see” approach to COVID-19, while the rest are being proactive. We think a proactive approach is smart. Now is the time for companies to “future-proof” their ecommerce architecture to create optimal customer experiences.

How does commercetools help retailers quickly become more responsive to their customers across all channels?

Commercetools is widely considered the world’s most flexible microservices-based platform. It empowers enterprises to connect to their back-end systems such as CRM, ERP and OMS and integrate complex product catalogues, thus alleviating common retail pain points including time-to-market delays, product data importing challenges and high-demand scalability. Commercetools’ API-based enterprise platform enables retailers and brands launch enterprise commerce initiatives in weeks rather than months.

Tell us about the recent recognition from industry analysts.

For us, it came as no surprise that commercetools was recognized as a Leader in both the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce and the 2020 B2C Commerce Suites Forrester Wave™. This publicity, together with the platform’s existing achievements, have been instrumental in introducing commercetools to new customers and ultimately helping these organizations tap into new revenue streams. Our team of developers looks forward to helping DMI’s customers also achieve significant digital commerce ROI.