Accelerating Patient-First Mobile Telehealth Services

DMI is excited to be an eCare21 partner. Describe your company’s innovative telehealth services.

The U.S. healthcare system faces complex clinical and financial challenges, which have only been heightened due to Covid-19. Studies show telehealth solutions reduce patient risk in contracting Covid-19, and at the same time, reduce patient hospitalizations from other chronic conditions. eCare21 is proud to offer a secure, patient-centered mobile telehealth platform that empowers virtual healthcare delivery across the continuum of care. Our solution facilitates proactive patient engagement and has been recognized a top caregiving industry app. What’s more, our platform generates fully-compliant clinical documentation for insured patients helping to ensure medical providers receive reimbursement for the patient care they deliver remotely.

Tell us about your clinical background and role at eCare21.

My background is in nephrology focusing on kidney health and disease prevention. I served for over 20 years as a staff nurse, clinical manager and director of education. Currently, as eCare21’s Vice President of Clinical Services, I’m able to leverage my medical background working directly with our clients and their staff to develop and deploy these cutting-edge technologies and obtain customer feedback. I’m also excited to soon earning my Doctorate in Public Health, with my dissertation on digital health. It’s an interesting and rewarding space to be in and a field I would have never envisioned being involved with 10 years ago!

What patient conditions are best suited for being managed remotely?

Chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and asthma require round-the-clock patient data monitoring. Tracking these chronic populations remotely in real-time supports medical care providers in achieving optimal outcomes. Remote Patient Monitoring also empowers clinical staff at hospitals, medical centers and doctors’ offices to conduct timely interventions to prevent complications and hospital admissions before it’s too late.

How do eCare21’s partners work together to facilitate telehealth?

The eCare21 Virtual Care Solution, powered by Dell Technologies, is a low-cost, off-the-shelf smart device solution that delivers real-time Remote Patient Monitoring and telehealth capabilities. Specifically, the solution monitors glucose levels, blood pressure, physical activity, medication adherence, weight ranges, sleep stages and other key health indicators. Patient health information is stored securely in the cloud and is made available to authorized stakeholders, including clinicians and designated family members, regardless of location. We’re also excited to partner with DMI to create a procurement portal for our customers to select their required technology configuration. DMI will also provide Managed Mobility Services (MMS) including device shipping to health care providers, asset tracking and logistics. DMI’s status as a seven-time MMS Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader is a key reason we selected your company as a valued partner.

 What does the future hold for telehealth?

Whether healthcare organizations are ready or not, the era of virtual care has arrived with telehealth at the forefront. The requirement for social distancing has fundamentally impacted the way hospitals and medical practices manage patient care. Even providers who previously did not offer telehealth services are now gearing up to implement the technology in some form, a move that is supported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Sweeping CMS regulatory changes declaring that providers can now bill for telehealth visits at the same rate as in-person visits will only increase telehealth adoption exponentially.