Build a Rock-Solid Framework to Plan Your Re-platform

Maybe your commerce platform is being phased out. Or perhaps it just doesn’t cut it anymore. Either way, you need help. DMI’s help. We’ve implemented commerce platforms of all shapes and sizes over the course of decades. The core challenge is picking the optimum platform to suit your business and satisfy your customers’ unique tastes. We get you there by analyzing your market, scoping out your current technology stack and assessing exactly what it takes to migrate to a new commerce platform with a minimum of disruption. Then we draw up a holistic implementation plan to ensure everything works as expected. And it will. 


Migrate to a New Platform Without Missing a Beat

Some companies are well on their way to a re-platform and need help on the execution. You’ve picked the best platform, for instance, but you don’t have the resources in-house to pull off the migration. Or you might’ve found that another integrator’s cookie-cutter approach left too many crumbs. Whatever the challenge, DMI has the precise combination of commerce experience and technical acumen required to ensure that your re-platform addresses the holistic needs of your business, employees and customers. We’ll get your people trained and address the countless variables that can bog down a re-platform. 


Get the Best Performance when Revving up Your New Platform

So, you’ve finished your re-platform. And now you’re noticing things. Bugs in the front-end architecture; deal-killers in the customer experience. Or perhaps there’s a hot new commerce plug-in you can’t resist trying out. You can tackle these challenges yourself — at considerable cost — or you can partner with an expert who has seen them before and can help you pick the ideal enhancements for your new commerce platform. That’s where DMI’s expertise with digital commerce, user-focused design and intelligent automation drives value. We make sure everything new dovetails with everything you already have.