To Modernize Your Commerce, You Need a Roadmap

When you’re getting started with microservices architectures, you need a keen understanding of all the variables. Yes, they seem endless at first glance. That’s why DMI starts out by helping you build a roadmap that links your current technology environment to the best-in-class tools and technologies you need to modernize your commerce system. We’ve learned from engagements throughout the retail sector that making the best decisions early clears the optimal path to success with microservices architectures.


Nail the Execution with a Robust Reference Architecture

Deploying microservices means picking a front-end system best suited to your business while ensuring your back-end systems have the computing muscle you need to grow and thrive. DMI makes this happen with a unique reference architecture that enables fast, effective execution of your microservices system roadmap. Our market-tested experts ensure you have all the skills and experience you need weave a network of microservices and APIs connecting the front and back ends.


Don’t Let the Future Get Away from You: Evolve with Next-Generation Tools

The future is composable commerce: Plugging in high-powered tools when you need them and unplugging them when you don’t. While these architectures are extremely agile and flexible, they require skills, expertise and discernment to manage all of the complexity. DMI has these skills across the full range of requirements: consulting, application development, Agile, UI/UX and more. As new machine learning and analytics tools enable ever more specialization, you can depend on DMI’s deep track record and extensive technical talent.