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As the pandemic continues to impact global economy, the importance of cloud has never been greater. The focus of enterprises has shifted from moving their existing applications to the cloud to re-imagining their systems leveraging cloud's serverless and platform capabilities to the fullest. As they maneuver from adoption and build towards consumption and management, organizations seek to optimize their complexity to create the best business value. DMI’s end-to-end cloud offerings – from migration, to management, to cloud-native development and serverless computing – are configured to deliver positive business impact and drive innovation at scale. Our cloud professionals are experts in crafting cloud strategy while optimizing costs – helping you accelerate your journey to cloud and adapt to the new normal. Let’s discuss how we can help your business adapt to the evolving cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Strategy

Leverage our pragmatic, time-tested approach to building a customized cloud strategy that will empower your organization to act today for a more successful future.

Cloud DevOps

Our DevOps culture of transparency infused with practices and technology partners – allow you to quickly build, develop, and test applications for cloud deployments

Cloud Optimization

Proven capabilities in analyzing your comprehensive public cloud utilization and billing data to deliver the highest possible savings on your cloud bill.

Cloud Adoption and Migration

With DMI’s cloud advisory services, efficiently migrate your apps and data to the cloud.

Cloud Consulting & Managed Services

With our deep industry experience and strategic partnerships, we do all the heavy lifting to identify best cloud models, services and subscriptions for your business, deploy and manage them – while letting you focus on growing your business.

Cloud-Native Development

Our experts are ready to help you develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native solutions at scale while innovating at speed with cloud-native.

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