Differentiating and humanizing a technology company

The Challenge

We were asked to reposition the XO brand and help carve out a unique space within the enterprise communications category.


In the telecommunications category, brands were saying pretty much the same thing. But, we found that XO had a real competitive advantage – the passion of its employees, who provide superior customer service. Plus, XO can back it up, with both qualitative and quantitative proof of how good they are at offering the solutions and support customers want. These insights became the backbone of the XO rebrand.

To help XO differentiate itself, we reinvented the brand around the idea of support and openness, bringing a degree of friendliness and approachability to the brand. To bring simplicity and order to the company’s solutions, we introduced a new look and feel, as well as brand architecture. We examined every customer touch point, from the company’s website to its call centers, to ensure a cohesive customer experience.

We also discovered that XO employees share with their customers a passion for technology. To generate awareness of the updated XO brand among IT professionals and influencers in the digital space, we developed an immersive online experience celebrating the passion XO has for technology at TheBeautyBehindIt.com


Since the internal introduction of the new XO brand to the entire organization, employee satisfaction is up more than 14% compared to the previous year, and business is booming.