Best Enterprise App 2013


Boosting the productivity of Britain’s favorite baker

The Challenge

With more than 20,000 stores across the UK carrying Warburtons products and over 4,500 employees, Warburtons’ challenge was to create a productivity app that would actually make daily tasks easier for its Retail Field Team, not simply add a layer of complexity to existing business processes.

Our Insight

We wanted to create a solution that was adopted throughout the organization. To do so, we focused on testing to come up with something that was easy to use for people ranging in age from 25-55. To meet all of Warburtons’ needs, we needed a detailed plan that went beyond the initial launch date to measure two critical success factors—the speed at which a user can enter data and the increase in overall efficiency within the Retail Field Team.

Setting the scene

The first step first was to get Warburtons employees accustomed to the new technology. Since many of them had never used a tablet or app before, employees were equipped with tablets and a straightforward data capture app to build a solid foundation for the project.

Drawing the roadmap

After the initial phase, the Warburtons IT team had collected many insights, feedback and feature requests. With help from us, these findings were prioritized into a roadmap, allowing the team to focus on must-have features first. We created a concrete rollout plan, with emphasis on training that contemplated multiple iterations, pilot testing and quick response to feedback. The plan included a combination of classroom and onsite training sessions with regional managers and a group of users called “Stars.” The objective was to help managers feel confident with how the system worked and encourage their teams to use it actively. The “Stars” were selected to act as evangelists within the organization and to be seen by their peers as people they could go to with questions.

Enhancing employee productivity

We developed an Android tablet application that eliminated the need for the Retail Field Team to capture store-specific data on paper. This helped mobilize the business process of capturing in-store product data and equipped the team with real-time store card details, access to marketing and promotion collateral and an interactive product catalog. Not only did this help save time and create front line efficiency, but it also updated corporate backend systems automatically.


Prior to the Warburtons Red Insight app, each member of the Retail Field Team was spending one day per week inputting all the information captured on paper into the company’s internal systems. This data entry process was cut from one day per week to one day per month. Analysis of sales data also led to a significant increase in sales. Today, overall productivity has improved as the application has been adopted and appreciated by its users.

Winner of Mobile Entertainment Magazine Award for “Best Enterprise App 2013”
Winner of Effective Mobile Marketing Award for “Most Effective Mobile App B2B 2013”