The Challenge

MSHA inspectors were operating with an 18-year old legacy inspection application that had several functional limitations and vulnerabilities due to it’s outdated system. The legacy inspection system required inspectors to carry a variety of bulky resources to each inspection including a camera, reference materials, notepad and pen for documentation; as well as documentation from previous inspections causing significant productivity loss and delays in transmitting important risk information.

Our Insight

DMI developed a re-usable mobile inspection platform to streamline the overall inspection process and to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of America’s mine inspectors. By coupling the Mobile IAS with Microsoft’s Universal Windows platform for photo capture and fillable, pre-populated forms, MSHA now has the capabilities of legacy features in one lightweight application improving the ease of inspections.


“Enabling mine inspectors to work more efficiently means more time to focus on the health and safety of America’s miners,” said MSHA Assistant Secretary, David G. Zatezalo. The Mobile Inspector Accelerator speeds up the onsite inspection process for data entry and asset capture. Inspector productivity has been greatly improved by automating what was previously multi-step manual tasks.


The IAS deployment enables a service-oriented architecture for efficient data transfer among devices. With the integration of the MSHA Standardized Information System, inspectors can work both online and offline and sync data once connectivity is available.

“The ability to complete our paperwork right on the spot is a huge time saving advantage. One benefit that I’ve experienced firsthand is the fact that we have all of our reference materials with us at all times (fatalgrams, hazard alerts, handbooks, copies of previous inspection reports, etc.)”  said Inspector Tom Rasmussen.


MSHA expected to increase efficiency and productivity for all inspectors through the automation of manual inspection tasks. As a result, MSHA inspectors only need to carry along one device that can easily collect, manage and share between devices to enable on the spot enforcement. Additionally, the application increased  the accuracy and efficiency of data capture in real-time reducing overall inspection times from months to days and citations (tickets for violations) dropped from days to hours. This increase in processing time allows the agency to identify troubled facilities almost immediately, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of a fatal accident. Overall, what we  implemented for MSHA will enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of their mine inspectors.