A crowd-pleasing game to promote a movie

The Challenge

To market the movie Despicable Me, Universal Pictures asked us to create a mobile game for iPhone and Android that would appeal to the movie’s target audience. The game needed to be child-friendly, while also appealing for all ages.


We developed a free game that allows users to play a new version of the traditional game Whack-A-Mole on their mobile phones, using “minion” characters from the movie instead of moles. The player selects from a number of ray guns, which become available as the player progress. With this ray gun, the player must hit the minions (by touching the as they pop up from their holes) and avoid hitting the children from the movie, who occasionally appear instead of a minion.

For each minion hit, the player receives a certain amount of points dependent on reaction speed. As the player manages to pass through each stage, new ray guns can be selected (freeze gun, shrink gun, etc.) and the game speed increases, making the game more difficult with each level.

In addition to playing the game, the app allows users to see and share high scores, watch trailers and read more about the Despicable Me movie.


The game was very well received and generated more than 100,000 downloads during the initial period after launch, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 in user reviews. The app continued to receive a significant number of downloads for several years.