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Smart Grid & Smart Car Communication

The Challenge

After a century of operating within silos, vehicles and power grids have come to a historic intersection where smart connections are needed to drive new methods of transportation and renewable energy. A global vehicle manufacturer and hundreds of U.S. regional power utilities needed a solution to remotely monitor and manage the nation’s first fleet of consumer electric cars. Additionally, utilities needed a way to alleviate peak-time usage spikes, while creating new channels for the delivery of renewable energy to electric vehicles with great predictability. Moreover, automotive and energy industries face the greatest pressures ever, as global governments and regulators called on them to ease environmental impact through sales of sustainable products and services, as well as secure nations against traditional energy dependency and spiked power outages.

The Solution

The team was tasked with creating a new way to manage electric vehicles, by predicting when they could be safely charged, and for the first time ever, channeling a prescribed mix of renewable energy (wind) in place of traditional sources (coal, gas). The team served as the intermediary to build new connections between the automaker and utilities, so that consumers could choose when and how their electric vehicles would be charged. We created a strategy to provide consumers with choices on when to charge their electric vehicles: immediately, with a delay or at specific times with lower price rates. The solution went one step further in allowing consumers to choose a specific type of renewable energy source as it became available on the power grid. From concept to prototype to pilot program, we implemented the solution that, for the first time ever, had smart electric vehicles communicating with smart grids to remotely monitor and manage energy usage. Early adopters can legitimately claim they have a softer carbon footprint by traveling in electric vehicles powered by renewable energy sources that were drawn off the utility grid at low-peak times with a lower cost than ever imagined.



Leveraging our experience with the automotive sector and our expertise in connectivity, we developed the solution and implemented connections between the utility sector, the automotive OEM and the electric vehicles. Our company specifically delivered:

  • The strategy that guided how an automotive OEM, and its fleet of electric vehicles, can communicate with the utility sector.
  • The enabling technology, the APIs compliant with the industry standard SEP (Smart Energy Profile) enabling automotive OEMs to talk to the utilities.
  • Algorithm for integrating renewal energy sources into the consumer’s options (patent pending)
  • A solution to communicate the vehicle, giving visibility to OEMs and consumers to optimize energy consumption.