Increase in positive brand conversion

The Evolution of Language Learning

The Challenge

Despite having near universal awareness as the leader in language learning software, Rosetta Stone faced strong headwinds from low cost competitors and a shifting technology landscape.

Our Insight

Our work carried us across North America, Europe and Asia to better understand the cultural norms and motivations around language learning. Through talking to members of our target audience, we discovered that learning a language gives you more than a new skill. Speaking a new language is considered a gateway to understanding culture and making deeper interpersonal connections. This viewpoint led us to a new, more emotional brand position: Rosetta Stone opens up your world.

Reimagining A Brand

To own this new positioning, we reinvented the entire Rosetta Stone brand experience. We refreshed the brand’s look and feel with an updated identity that retains Rosetta Stone’s built-in brand equity. The iconic yellow software boxes were redesigned, complete with culture guides and digital subscription cards. New, smaller airport kiosks were developed to attract a tech savvy audience. The e-commerce site also got a refresh. The site brought the new positioning to life and also served to convert users to the new subscription model. An anthem TV spot began to shift people’s perceptions of Rosetta Stone.

Extending the Story

In addition to video assets, we extended the story of the updated Rosetta Stone brand to print. These ads appeared in business and in-flight magazines in an effort to attract new people to the brand and drive subscriptions within Rosetta Stone’s new target audiences.

Capturing A Culture

To further strengthen the Rosetta Stone brand, we commissioned artwork by 31 designers and artists from around the world, each a native speaker of the languages Rosetta Stone offers. The original artwork was featured on Rosetta Stone’s redesigned packaging and was also incorporated into the brand’s website and across its social channels.


Our efforts led to renewed interest in learning a new language using Rosetta Stone. The brand recorded an 11%+ increase in brand consideration and an 89% increase in positive brand conversation. Plus, Rosetta Stone exceeded its subscription target by 40% within our test market.