Enhancing the Journey From Start to Finish

The Challenge

London’s Heathrow Airport is a major international hub, with over 180,000 travelers flying between more than 90 countries passing through each day. All these people need timely and relevant information, especially with London’s unpredictable weather, which frequently affects airline passengers. To continue Heathrow’s tradition of “making every journey better,” the airport wanted a mobile application that would provide passengers with important information, as well as make their experience at LHR unique and memorable.

Our Insight

To make Heathrow’s mobile app and site a success, we knew we needed to improve the passenger experience throughout each user’s entire journey. There are lots of different travel apps available, but we wanted Heathrow’s to be a self-contained solution, with all the information a traveler could want in one place.

Before Arrival

We started with the basics of travel, like keeping airline passengers informed about the status of their flights. The app we created also helps users figure out the best way to get to the airport by providing links to public transportation options and alerting users to any expected delays. Within 24 hours of departure time, the “My Flight” search and status tracking feature gives passengers details about current weather and travel issues, keeping people well informed.

At the Airport

Once passengers arrive at Heathrow, our app gives them access to the information they need most, like updated flight statuses and terminal maps. Plus, they can connect with LHR on Twitter directly from the app for instant updates on flights, weather and other relevant topics. Users can even find out about things like sales and promotions at airport shops. By arming passengers with specific knowledge, like how far the gate is and when the door will close before takeoff, the app delivers an overall more enjoyable, more informed experience while at Heathrow.

Looking Ahead

Of course, most airline passengers aren’t focused on the journey as much as the destination. With that in mind, the Heathrow app allows users to explore destination information in addition to airport-focused topics. Whether people are looking for the weather report or for interesting things to do once they arrive, our app allows them to browse and plan ahead. Together, the various features of the app enhance people’s travels from before they leave for the airport until they’ve arrived at their destination and beyond.


The Heathrow Airport app is used extensively by both airline passengers and staff as a source for helpful airport and trip information. To date, there have been over 130,000 downloads. In the media, the app is frequently referenced around the world as a benchmark for airport apps.