Interface Development Support

The Challenge

Interface Development Support requires skilled resources to maintain, manage and customize the interface and application for each health system where it is deployed, which can be costly and time-consuming. These resources are Responsible for developing or modifying new integrations with internal and external systems. Resources bandwidth curtails activities within these organizations which leads to concerns around staff retention & budget challenges. As a result, most healthcare organizations do not have a robust and agile interface development team.

The Solution

For three decades, our healthcare unit has helped the nation’s most innovative providers and payers build and enhance foundations for their business. The team delivers customized professional services and staffing solutions for Interface Development Support. With over 20 years of “hands on” Interface experience, we have helped our clients get the most out of their investment:

  • All Major Vendors Supported; Oracle, Intersystems, Corepoint, Cloverleaf and more.
  • Designed & delivered over 700 interfaces across numerous service lines
  • Interface Development and Enhancement
  • Portfolio Design/Development
  • Automated Environment Management (Audit & File History)
  • Production Management, Upgrades/Version Management
  • Interface Engine Replacement/Migration & Consulting
  • Supplemental Certified resources
  • Project Managers / Business Analysts & Cloverleaf Technical Resources
  • Developed a web application for improved Cloverleaf monitoring that can be applied to any hospital or healthcare system


Leveraging our vast experience and expertise, the team has helped our clients optimize their Interface Development Support environments by: reducing costs/risk, improving their overall financial performance and enhancing your investment. As a result, it has successfully impacted patient-care decisions through simplifying their interface development.