Healthcare Web Presence Assessment and Analysis

The Challenge

The challenge of creating a modern unified website while merging multiple, separate, and distinct web technologies is considerable. The challenge is empowering any organization with the tools to be nimble in regards to future needs, while including the need for new branding. This critical mission is the goal of global satisfaction of all users: customers, internal departments, administration, and it is essential in the effort to attract new customers.

The Solution

Our Digital Enablement team can perform an inventory of the people, processes and existing technologies at one or multiple organizations, documenting the various technology platforms. This provides a complete picture of where your organization is historically. From there, we can inventory the components and people that could serve the future needs of the organization. Once this crucial work is completed, our team will thoroughly analyze the information and present a selection of focused paths forward that would enable your organization to become one integrated entity with a consistent voice to the public. We will then present your leadership team with the recommended path that works best for your organization and then provide an integrated road map on how to achieve your objectives.  This map not only meets your immediate needs, but also lays the groundwork for adaptation as technology evolves.


Establish your organizations Brand and Differentiating Factors from competitors. All digital channels should then be aligned with the new branding strategy to deliver a consistent branding message.

Consumer Focused Digital Channels – Driving Customer Conversions and Referrals allows for content and services provided through digital channels to be consumer focused. This includes offering consistent, relevant content, an intuitive design that is easy to use, and real-time online services.

Enhance the User Experience for customers and Employees by building contextual awareness into the site offering a significant improvement in customer experience when compared to the websites of competing organizations.

Enhanced Capabilities of Existing Online Services (Bill Pay, Appointment Scheduling etc.) Enhancing the capabilities of existing online services such as bill payments or appointment scheduling. For instance, enabling users with the ability to view and manage many aspects of their account in real-time.

Provide Innovative New Services (Wait time monitors etc.) Providing new innovative services and information on the digital channels such as real time monitors that show wait times. The integration of social network information is also a great way to capture your customer’s needs in the format they use the most.

Allow Marketing and Digital Agencies to Innovate on Digital Channels. Allows the marketing groups, business units, and their agencies to freely innovate on the digital channels. Consumers’ digital preferences are ever evolving, so there must be provisions for future growth and creativity.