DoubleTree by Hilton

Driving business results through email campaigns

The Challenge

DoubleTree asked us to develop a new email template to coincide with its new brand identity. Prior to our involvement, DoubleTree emails were promotional in nature with little branding and inconsistent templates. Audience segmentation for email distribution was executed on a case-by-case basis, and email lists were often outdated. One of the main objectives of the rebrand was to build a stronger connection between DoubleTree and Hilton Worldwide, enabling DoubleTree to reach a broader audience and highlight its inclusion in the HHonors loyalty program.


We designed new templates for the DoubleTree monthly email and weekly newsletter that reinforced the unique purpose of each piece of communication. The templates used a clean design with strong branding and allowed for focused messaging with clear calls-to-action. Each email had a clear purpose and was thoughtfully planned and executed to maximize performance and further overall marketing goals. Through ongoing email analytics, we determined that readers found the emails intuitive and were taking the desired action. This led to increased engagement and/or revenue, depending on the unique goals of each email.

We also developed a content strategy based on the target audience, seasonality and PR priorities for DoubleTree. We used lifestyle imagery to draw readers into the brand and tell the brand story, with secondary messaging to drive awareness and participation in relevant promotions and initiatives. Every email had a purpose, and was thoughtfully planned and executed to maximize performance and ensure we were making an impactful contribution to larger marketing goals.

Our partnership with DoubleTree grew to include all aspects of email marketing strategy, content, performance analytics and optimization.


As a result of our efforts, DoubleTree reservations, sales and value per click nearly doubled. We also helped increase the total number of emails sent by 42% and increased click-thru-to-book rates by 64%. The holiday social promotion we created earned over $500K for the company in revenue. One particular targeted email campaign we developed became the most profitable in Hilton History.