Leading Water Manufacturer

Changing a Global Manufacturer to Connected Services Leader

The Challenge

A 70-year old global water technology manufacturer -- producing commercial water heaters, purification systems and boilers -- wanted a different way to differentiate itself in the marketplace. Extending its leadership as a manufacturer, the company sought to create a service that would help its customers remotely monitor and proactively manage thousands of units across five product lines. A branded solution would not only provide visibility that all systems were running efficiently, it also would help the company build stronger brand loyalty when customers needed to replace parts and older models. It needed a savvy technology partner to build a cloud-based remote monitoring system and online dashboard that allowed users to interact with a full fleet of water heaters anywhere in the world at their fingertips.

The Solution

The team stepped in to develop a new remote monitoring solution to access real-time water heater data. When something goes wrong — such as a leak detection or fault for any unit in the fleet — the remote monitoring provides alerts through email or text, minimizing downtime for repairs and reducing lost revenue caused by interruption in hot water delivery. The same information is sent to service repair personnel to proactively diagnose and rectify issues. The dashboard can set different parameters on single units for peak and off-peak performance. And users can generate performance reports in a graphic view to analyze trends and calculate total amount of savings in dollars and cents. The subscription service is particularly helpful for restaurant chains, hotels and healthcare facilities that need to keep an eye on several locations for compliance. Through an Internet of Things solution, we made connections to shore up a market leader’s position by delivering a new experience for its customers


Combining our experience in the manufacturing sector with digital and IoT expertise, our team implemented a solution that allowed the global manufacturer to create new connections with its customers. The efforts of the team created a digital dashboard that provided real-time access to commercial equipment across the globe, as well as a connected communications platform to instantly identify and address issues through the customer’s preferred communication channel.