Cerner Resources

The Challenge

The Cerner suite of products delivers tremendous benefit to the daily operations of your hospital. The extent of which it impacts your operations continues to grow and is a Mission Critical component of your healthcare delivery. Maintaining the best available resources to effectively manage your day to day operation is always the primary concern but there are also special needs that may include upgrades, system enhancements or short term projects that require extra effort. The extra effort required may include the support of the day to day operational needs and ideally be planned for staffing; but reality usually indicates it is an immediate unplanned need. The areas that need extra support or a temporary resource with very specific skill sets are often difficult to locate within your hospital or it is difficult to reallocate someone to the project.

The Solution

Establish a quarterly review process to monitor and assess future project needs. This will allow for more appropriate planning periods and additional time to acquire or reassign resources. Along with planning have an established process to access high quality resources quickly and be aligned closely with a Supply Partner that understands your environment and your specific needs. We are aligned with your organization and can provide an expedited response when the unexpected occurs but can also assist you in planning for supplementing your resource needs. We focus on providing the best Cerner person in the following categories:

  • Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Solutions Development
  • Solutions Development Lead
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Clinical Transformation
  • Project Coordinator


Consistent, predictable operational efficiency in the hospital environment saves money but it also can save lives. A tremendous investment has been put forward by the hospital to implement Cerner.  Through a well-developed planning and a support mechanism that is established to handle outlier situations the operational benefits can be fully realized. Our team can support you when you need it most and help eliminate any disruption to established work plan.