Leading Broadcast Television Provider

Broadcast TV Digital Security & Performance

The Challenge

As a landmark award show drew nearer, the company needed to maintain the absolute secrecy of nominee and awardee information. The success of its annual national broadcast depended on the company's site fending off intrusion by highly motivated hackers. At the same time, the site needed to handle massive traffic spikes while delivering top-quality user experiences before, during, and after the event.

The Solution

The team took a big picture view of the company’s unique challenges in order to drive peak performance and ensure system security. The team quickly identified major incompatibility issues between its hosting and cloud services provider. The team developed custom-coded solutions to enable seamless interaction between the services. We also identified multiple coding defects that resulted in errors, erratic operation, and compromised performance. In addition to addressing the technical improvements, the team also recommended procedural changes to heighten digital security and prevent unauthorized access.


The services provided increased the overall site functionality and improved the security capabilities of the site. Overall this lead to improved customer service due to better performance during traffic spikes.