Online donation increase

Experiencing a Continent Online

The Challenge

The African Wildlife Foundation’s (AWF) mission is to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever. To accomplish this goal, AWF relies on its ability to raise funds. But the organization had a content-heavy, primarily static website that was in need of a complete overhaul. AWF needed a digital presence that could break through the noise and drive donations, while also attracting a new generation of donors.

Our Insight

To guide our effort, we conducted primary and secondary research with both AWF members and non-members. We learned that AWF needed to do more than just shift how the organization was perceived—it needed to change how people saw the African continent too. Since few people have the opportunity to travel to Africa, to influence people’s perceptions, AWF’s website would need to help users experience the continent, not just read about it.

Bringing Africa to Life

To help users experience Africa through AWF’s website, we included features like maps pinpointing exact locations of animal herds, sweeping images of African landscapes, video captured on safari and audio files that allow people to hear the distinctive sounds of different types of wildlife. The site provided over 100 unique reasons to get involved, highlighting both threats to the continent and opportunities to protect it. This combination of elements allowed AWF to appeal to all of the user’s senses, making people feel connected and engaged with AWF’s cause. We made it easy to share the site’s content and kept a strong emphasis on member acquisition.

Gaining Actionable Insights

As part of the new website, we added a new content management system, which is fully integrated with AWF’s existing customer relationship management technology. This allows the organization to track donors and simplify the donation process for people around the world.


Following the website redesign and development, AWF saw an increase of 120% in online donations. Our solution also gave AWF and its advocates shareable multimedia assets and a range of customizable content tools.