Staying ahead of trends with an omnichannel solution

The Challenge

Shoe retailer Aerosoles has been selling online and through its stores for over 25 years. With a loyal following of customers, Aerosoles knew it was time to recharge its brand by improving and uniting its sales channels across the board. Aerosoles needed a solution that would meet its omnichannel requirements and scale to meet its anticipated business growth.

Our Insight

Aerosoles’ mission was to provide an atmosphere that optimizes a customer’s shopping experience not only online, but also through all sales channels. To accomplish this, our team developed an omnichannel commerce strategy for allowing consumers to easily connect their online, mobile, call center and in-store shopping experiences through retail data integration.

Putting mobile first

Aerosoles knew mobile was trending towards becoming its dominant sales channel within five years. To meet this trend head on, the company invested in a “mobile first” approach. Aerosoles asked us to build a responsive, comprehensive ecommerce solution that encompasses forward-thinking design architecture. We created an optimized ecommerce experience that worked for any size screen, from desktops to the smallest smartphone.

Unifying order data across channels

Creating a unified view of orders across desktop, mobile, call center and in-store channels is becoming imperative for retailers. When we built out Aerosoles’ call center, we tightly integrated with our OrderSync OMS for ordering on behalf of the customer, add-ons, returns, cancellations and appeasements. With our OrderSync OMS, orders can be fulfilled from both the warehouse and from stores through a customer service user interface for store associates.

Socializing the sale

As social networks grow, the need to conduct social commerce becomes an opportunity for retailers. Aerosoles understood the value of staying connected and worked with our team to develop a phased approach for leveraging these powerful networks. The company started with social posting of purchases and wish list products, but Aerosoles has goals to leverage social data for developing a more relevant shopping experience in the future.


We delivered a fully featured ecommerce website leveraging Oracle Commerce, guided search and navigation, responsive web design for mobile, an order management system, call center application and brick and mortar integration to fulfill orders from the store—in addition to 16 third-party integrations—all in seven months.