Increase in customer satisfaction

Putting the Customer in Control

The Challenge

Although Addison Lee was the first passenger transport company in London to offer its customers mobile apps, it has recently encountered fierce competition from pure mobile startups, such as Uber, Hailo and Kabee. These competing apps tended to give customers more visibility and control when it comes to the booking process.

Our Insight

We wanted to create a solution that offered the best user experience for Addison Lee business and personal customers, regardless of the payment type they wanted to use for their journey. During the development of the mobile and Apple Watch apps, Addison Lee also rebranded itself to present a more modern look and feel to its customers.

Giving users more flexibility

The first key requirement was to allow customers to book from any type of device or platform. We wanted to give customers the ability to book an Addison Lee vehicle on the brand’s website, amend it on their iPads during a business meeting, and then be notified via SMS and push notifications on their mobile phones when a driver was on the way, and then again when the driver had arrived. The development of the Apple Watch app has also allowed for simple, one-tap bookings for frequent routes with automated payment.

Testing for optimization

We developed multiple registration and login user flows, dependent on the user type, in order to allow Addison Lee to support full single sign on and other robust features, such as the ability for customers to view their booking history, obtain receipts, repeat journeys, etc. Several usability tests were conducted over the course of the project to optimize the user registration and login process. These tests helped us balance technical requirements, to support business goals, with customer friction points.

Collecting Feedback

The Addison Lee brand is associated with premium service because it has always put its customers first. Both the mobile and Apple Watch apps we created allow customers to track a cab in real time, with the mobile app also allowing the user to rate drivers and provide feedback on their overall experience. These features help Addison Lee proactively address issues and improve the overall quality of the service the company provides.


Key customer satisfaction indicators as well as conversion rates are both up by almost 50% compared to the original apps. Now that Addison Lee can offer its customers single sign-on, it allows the company to continue to work with us to integrate a loyalty program in the future and to scale its business to new markets.