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January 30th, 2014

Your Key to Success: 3 Top Mobile Trends for 2014

Mobile technology is making its way into our work and lives at a dizzying pace.  New headlines everyday make it hard to tell what’s real and what’s wishful thinking – what will really stick? We’ve got our ears to the ground at DMI – with more than 500,000 devices under management and hundreds of apps built that are delivering dramatic business improvements for our clients.  So, we’re sharing our take on the top mobile trends for 2014. Here are the top three  – more to come soon, so please visit again for updates.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Last year, BYOD made major gains all around the world. Gartner claims that the average number of employees that get smartphones provided by their employer will decrease by 30%.  We agree. The advances in security management, ability to let employees separate personal apps and data from work apps and data, and ability to manage a wide array of mobile devices are enabling the IT managers to maintain control while loosening their grip. They do see the benefits of BYOD in improved employee morale (they all have their own preferences on mobile devices they want) and productivity improvement that come from reduced administrative headaches.

Mobile Apps – it’s about multi-Context, not multi-platform

We’ve been taking every opportunity to talk about the importance of use-case focused design for mobile apps. Yankee group predicts that for 2014 “marketing investment for mobile customer experience management will take center stage.”  We agree. What matters is not what device a consumer is using. What matters is context. If they’re at home on a PC, are they shopping online or planning a shopping trip? When they pull into the parking lot at the mall, what do you need to deliver to their device to get them into your store? When they’re browsing your racks, what offers will get them to put something in the cart? If they’re headed out the door, how do you make sure they make a purchase before they go? It’s about where they are and what they’re doing – not what device they’re using.

Apps are Still Winning

The early stages of mobile evolution were about enabling people to do everyday activities on the go. We have been seeing changes in this paradigm where mobile actually changes how services are delivered. This involves a redesign the business process itself – not providing access to old processes on new devices. We are also starting to see how the services are being differentiated through the integration of information e.g. location, etc. that mobile technology has to offer. This trend will accelerate in 2014. Expect to see the number of enterprise apps that are built around the mobile technology with accompanying changes in the business processes to jump dramatically.

We will be back with another installment of the new trends, so come back and visit with us in a few days and we will share some more on other key trends that are under way!  Otherwise if you are anxious to read more now you can see our white paper on Top Mobile Trends 2014.

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