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March 13th, 2013

XO iWAN Product Launch

XO Communications, a growing telecommunications company serving small-to-mid-size businesses, was fighting to establish its brand within a category dominated by the likes of Verizon and AT&T. In a market where brands are saying pretty much the same thing, DMI has been working to reposition the XO brand and help it carve out a unique space within its category. The evolution began last spring with a comprehensive rebrand. Last week, DMI helped XO launch their latest product, an integrated solution called Intelligent WAN (iWAN).


iWAN bundles network, performance and security services into a single solution—a welcome development for overburdened IT managers used to managing numerous vendors across multiple platforms. While a handful of other competitors were already in the market with similar offerings, all were taking an exceedingly technical, product-centric approach when selling them. We helped XO take a step back and meet the target audience where they were emotionally.

IT decision makers lead an all-pressure, no glory, head-on-a-plate-when-there’s-a-problem life. They are constantly putting out fires. They’d LOVE to forward-plan if they ever had the time. And that’s the promise of iWAN: a unified solution that allows IT folks to get ahead of concerns before they happen.


DMI created a campaign that demonstrates how IT decision makers can “put worried in the past.” When potential clients come to the new iWAN site, they’re greeted by a selection of portraits that personify the worries they’re used to dealing with within their organization. Each ‘worrier’ is then paired with the accompanying iWAN solution that makes them obsolete.

Check out the site and campaign video below and make sure to stay tuned for the launch of a new XO brand campaign this spring.

[vimeo 61740091 450 252.9]

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