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May 29th, 2013

Mobile Strategy Handbook Chapter 1: Writing a mobile brief

writingmachineEvery mobile strategy, campaign, branded service or platform should start with the creation of a brief no matter how high level. If you’re an app developer or agency and didn’t get one from the client then create one yourself and check it with the client. It can be anywhere from 10 min to a couple of days work and it will always pay off in the end.

To help you here’s a high level structure of the content to be included in a brief. Some of it is essential for every brief whereas other things are optional.

1. Background

1.1 Initiators/needs/incentives

Provide information about the needs you have identified for this project

1.2 The brand

Questions related to brand personality.

* Purpose What is the purpose of what you sell?

* Uniqueness

* Why does your current customer base buy from you?

* Does your product or service offer a solution to a problem that people have?

* Does it make their lives better in some way? What are its benefits?

* Visual language Provide brand guidelines and/or other visuals for us to understand your visual language.

1.3 Competitors and adjacent industries

What have competitors and adjacent have done well, bad and what opportunities can be identified based on that.

* Strengths What have they done well on mobile?

* Weaknesses What are they missing?

* Opportunities to differentiate What do you see we can do to make you stand out from the crowd?

1.4 Inspiration

What concepts, services and designs inspire the customer?

* Related Concepts & services the customer likes What concepts and services inspire you?

* Visual design the customer likes

* What visual designs have you seen that you really like?

1.5 Objectives

What does the customer want to achieve with its mobile efforts?

* Short term – What do you want to achieve with mobile in short term?

* Mid term – What do you want to achieve with mobile in mid term?

* Long term – What do you want to achieve with mobile in long term?

Note: Sometimes the KPIs could be part of the brief. E.g. achieve 5% increase in sales within 3 months in London stores based on 10% increase in footfall during the period.

2. Target Group/Audience

2.1 Reach and Localisation

What’s the reach of your product? Are you going to be selling regionally, just in your own country or worldwide?

2.2 Demographics

What age groups do you reach? What’s your average customer’s level of income? Are they single? Married? In a relationship?

* Sex

* Age

* Level of income

* Marital status

2.3 Psychographics

Are your customers mostly middle class or wealthy? Do they live in the city centre, suburbs, the country or an urban loft?

* Values

* Attitudes

* Interests

* Lifestyles

2.4 Insights from customer or yourselves

Additional insights on consumer behaviour applicable to the target group

* Social Insights on mobile social behaviour

* Viral Insights on mobile viral behaviour, i.e. what’s likely to drive viral effect within the target group.

* Purchase Insights on m-commerce and purchasing behaviour within the target group.

3. Technical infrastructure

Like it or not but often the technical infrastructure of a company or legacy of a service or campaign can decide what’s possible to do. Therefore it’s important to understand the prerequisites.

* What systems are available today that can be used to support the project

* Client-server API formats (Preferred formats are REST-JSON, REST-XML, etc) * Available APIs – What APIs are in place ready for integration?

* API Documentation – Are the APIs mature and well documented?

* Preferred solution Is there a preferred technical platform, e.g. LAMP, Cloud hosting with GAE, AWS, WordPress CMS, etc?

* Technical support – Can the client support technical integration? In some cases the assumption is no technical integration is possible. Everything has to be built from scratch.

There you go! Start writing your brief.

We want your feedback. Did we miss anything that is really important in the brief template? Tell us so we can add.

Next weeks blog in the 10 week mobile strategy series will be: 5 best social practices for mobile apps

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