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July 26th, 2012

Will tablets soon replace laptops? Yes, but…

Whether mobile devices can fully replace the existing enterprise equipment is a question tormenting CIO’s as the new budget expenditure needs to be allocated. The pioneer Mr Robbins and some good stats give us evidence that it is possible (for certain employees).

You might say laptops are mobile as well, but would you use one while cueing at the airport or walking on the street? They are simply not made for that. Tablets instead are light and portable, easy to use “anytime, anywhere”.

This is also the slogan accompanying the adventures of Benjamin Robbins, Principal at Palador, a consulting firm that focuses on mobile strategy. To walk the talk of his company, he decided to ditch any non-mobile equipment and perform every daily task from his phablet (a hybrid between a phone and a tablet). The goal is to show that the advantages of working mobile offset any potential drawbacks.

Long story short: working fully mobile? Yes, you can!

With mobility becoming everyday more business critical, hardware as well as software producers are working to reduce the gap between the old and the new.

So, where is the “but” part?

A copy paste from Dimensional Research survey, may 2011

As of now, an overwhelming majority of CIO’s believe tablets complement, not replace laptops, in particular for complex tasks such as designing, writing mails and ppt preparation. However, Tablets are increasingly seen by experts as the future computing device.  Some of them run the same processors of a MacBook Pro and in addition they offer:

  1. Intuitiveness and ease of use, thanks to the importance given by app developers to UI
  2. Interaction and engagement, powerful when displaying information to customers
  3. Immediate reboot, that saves time and allows to take advantage of short breaks to perform small tasks

89,5% of Sales people say tablets make them more productive. Source: Huthwaithe Global Survey – mobile technology in Sales, Nov 2011

Considering these three points we answer our initial question: tablets will replace laptops for whoever needs flair, interaction and speed in its activity. Sales People fit this profile, and in fact 90% of those who use tablets feel more productive.

Sales reps should definitely move their activity to the portable surfaces. For everyone else, the time has yet to come.


Monica Alonso



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