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February 24th, 2015

What’s happening at MWC this year?

What’s happening at MWC this year? Whether you are attending the Mobile World Congress or not, this is the biggest annual event in mobile and it will give you a good idea of everything going on in this $3 trillion industry.

Last year Mark Zuckerberg stole the show by acquiring Whatsapp for $19 Bn and everyone started speculating about Facebook becoming a mobile player. It’s unlikely that Facebook will make another billion dollar acquisition this time but thankfully there are some other exciting things going on.

Here’s what we expect this year:

  • New devices
    On Sunday we expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 and new HTC One to be announced. The S6 in particular is extremely important as Samsung lost a lot of ground to Apple the past year. Following this on Monday there will most likely be a new Microsoft phone launch and finally we expect new devices and smartwatches from LG and Huawei.
  • 5G, 5G and more 5G
    Fierce Wireless calls it premature Marketing Bonanza but whatever you think 5G will be everywhere in panels and product launches by the carriers and telecom equipment manufacturers.
  • Internet of Things
    Last year this was the big talk but there wasn’t much to see. This year we expect to see hundreds of useful, weird and cool devices, sensors and services related to IoT.
  • Wearables
    Smartwatches, fitness bands and hundreds of specialist devices for health, security and other purposes.
  • Mobile Advertising
    Mobile ad spend increased by 85% in 2014 which will show once again at MWC with the mobile adtech companies fighting for attention.
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
    Mobile device management, security, cloud platforms and tools and specialist devices and equipment

Don’t Miss
The invitations to our MWC Show Floor Tours, guiding you to this year’s must-sees, are out! Sign up to lock down your free spot using the links below:
RSVP for Monday (1-2 pm CET)
RSVP for Tuesday (12-1 pm CET)
RSVP for Wednesday (12-1 pm CET)

Join us for a fun night at our offices next Monday at 7 pm for the Mobile Innovation Lab! Try out brand new demos on the latest technologies such as Apple’s CarPlay, HomeKit and HealthKit, Oculus Rift, Google Glass, smart watches, beacons and more (drinks and tapas included). Attending is free, all you need to do is to RSVP here.

Ericsson Exhibit Hall
Book a tour through Ericsson’s giant hall and you will get a nice perspective on everything going on in the carrier world.

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